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Carry This with You, part 2 of 4

June 10, 2016

Picking up where we were two days ago, Dan Waits and I were in school together. It’s with his gracious permission that I share this with you —

4 of the short verses from the many passages I feel like God has given me to hold on to during the year of 2016. Maybe one, two, or all of them are verses you can hold on to, too.

I invite you to savor Dan’s verses with me. Let’s focus on one a day. Here’s Dan’s second Scripture:
The grace of God is always with you,
no matter what happens.
1 Peter 5:12b
Grace. God’s grace. God’s amazing grace. Grace.
Always. Not several years ago. Not a week from now. Both of those and infinitely more. Always.
With. Not way ahead so as to be chased after. Not dragging behind forcing a wait. With.
You. Not just that famous Christian. Not just a saintly influence of your past. You.
No matter what happens. Really?
No matter what happens. Really.
No matter what happens.
Tuck 1 Peter 5:12b away somewhere and pull it out as needed today.
No matter what happens.

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  1. As you know I always go to my NKJV with a verse and these have been going into my journal with the header “Carry These Verses w/ Me” in both the version here followed by NKJV. This verse is worded quite a bit differently. As a matter of fact, it took me more than a couple of minutes to figure out where part b of verse 12 started as it is a long one. The NKJV reads “the true grace of God in which you stand.” It took me so long researching how to bold and italic something, I lost where I was going, however, while I come back to it, though “always” and “in which you stand” are different (and not just that one is wordier), I see Always as a promise where the latter is being awash since accepting his love and committing to walk in it and that it will never leave me. Always and awash being the same.

    Don’t get me wrong, my searches are a compliment and a complement; the former to you (or in this case your friend Dan) and the latter to both.

    [PS I just hope the HTML research worked.]


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