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Still Hungry

June 4, 2016

“Overfed but starving to death” is how someone described the state of our national nutrition in a very loud conversation I overheard not long ago.

It’s bothered me ever since.

“Overfed but starving to death” describes too many Christians.

A professor in one of my non-United Methodist seminaries said that some churches had stopped expecting their pastors to be good preachers. The thinking goes that any number of world class preachers, of any theological and denominational leaning, are already available anytime on the same device you’re reading right now.

“Overfed but starving to death” describes too many Christians.

Long ago there was one Bible in town, and it was chained to the altar in the one church in town. Now we have a baffling number of translations and versions, again available on this same device. I’ll admit to not being able to keep up with what churches are collapsing, which ones have already closed, and which ones are the hottest new games in what town.

“Overfed but starving to death” describes too many Christians.

It’s not new.

It’s not new, but we’ve sure perfected it.

“Overfed but starving to death” describes too many Christians.

What do you see as a way for us to correct this?



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  1. Janet permalink

    Perhaps, truly putting God first in our lives. I I don’t know. Just a crazy thought.


  2. Pardon me if I stretch this analogy to the breaking point, but perhaps some of us need the advice of a nutritionist more than we need a pastry chef.


  3. Janet has a point.

    I have a hard time with the new translations (not ‘versions’) of the Bible (you and I have been here). I grew up with the King James Version and the Revised Standard Version of the Bibles. In my teens, we had brand new copies of what they called the Good News Bible (however, it was only the New Testament). Then there was The Living Bible (I asked for and received one for Christmas in 1971. I really think that is when the flood started. While a Lay Minister, I always used RSV or KJV (later just NKJV) as my tool in and out of the pulpit. We once did a study of Rick Warren’s Book The Purpose Driven Life, luckily the copy was mine as it looks like I wrote an entire other book in the margins on all sides of each page. Most of it was translating his ‘favorite’ tool, The Message Bible into KJV and NKJV so I could understand and most of the “scripture” was so far out of context it didn’t fit. To the relief of my study group, I finally quit coming.

    I am not saying we need to go back to “one Bible chained to the altar”. However, one conventional version would be nice.

    Or not!


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