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That Third One

May 31, 2016

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow

Praise God, all creatures here below

Praise God, above ye heavenly host



Holy Ghost







Those are just some of the words we have in English to tell what and who Christ Jesus was talking about in John 14 and following. We usually just say The Holy Spirit, or as in the Doxology here, The Holy Ghost.

But look at that non-exhaustive list again:





What’s there to be afraid of here?! And why are we so reticent when it comes to this third person of the Trinity?

Tragically, somewhere along the way we’ve let one group, one church, one part of the family, and one interpretation, corner the market on all things Holy Spirit.

Time for a change. From just that list of four, Who is it you most need today?





Personally, the Comforter is the face of The Third One of The Holy Trinity I most appreciate today. How about you? As always, I’d love to hear from you through any of the usual ways, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.





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  1. Janet permalink

    I’m going with counselor today.

  2. Advocate works for me today/this week. My doctor’s appointment this morning, finally talking about symptoms I have had for some time and ignoring chalking it up to a requirement of years. That changed three months ago, yet, change didn’t happen. First step, lots of blood work to do sometime this week (just have to fast and I usually am operating on auto-pilot when I feed cats and then my cereal). I need the Advocate. I have to say my activities of my UMY youth, the Holy Spirit is/has been a huge part of my prayer life and being. I have always needed the entire Trinity.

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