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Glory Words

May 24, 2016

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Praise God all creatures here below

Praise God about ye heavenly host



Holy Ghost


No matter your church background, you may well have sung this in some form or another. Maybe similar words. And there are a plethora of tunes people to which people sing this.

It’s officially called The Doxology, which comes from the Greek language and is literally “glory words” — which sure fits.

I invite you to join the rest of us this week as we let ourselves simmer in this song.

You in?

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  1. Karen Comeau permalink

    Confession time; singing the Doxology is my favorite part of worship. Even more than children’s sermon.


    • Nothing wrong with that, Karen! That’s kinda why we have all these different worship moments and opportunities when we gather. (But I’m sure you knew that, said Rev. Obvious here…!) Thank you for reading and commenting; greatly appreciate you.


  2. I miss the Doxology, for reasons you know, I get the recording of the Praise service where it isn’t sung. Other songs are, ones I love on the local Christian radio station, sung, but I miss that weekly set of Glory Words! There are reasons I am a Traditional/Blended kind of gal!! I include Blended in the mix as I thought, when I tried out, and moved, to Troy, that I was attending the Traditional service. Imagine my surprise a couple of years later, to find out I was attending the Blended service. My only experience had been the experimental Blended Service at my former church. I was Traditional Worship Coordinator so I only attended the Blended service once (I stayed to attend it after mine). I now know (from my church) it was a full-on Praise service and quite loud!! I didn’t even make to the sermon I had already heard.

    The Doxology is something, perhaps, I need to continue on my own.


  3. Oh, I forgot, I’m in!


  4. Reading this again as I went back to last I read, I have always sung, “[above] all Heavenly Host. [Father], [Son] and …” They changed that one too? Since I have had it memorized since I was about eight-years-old, I haven’t looked in the hymnal at it for say, XX years.


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