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What About US After General Conference?

May 20, 2016

I Still Do is the title of Eric Clapton’s new album that’s out today.

It’s also how I feel and where my commitment lies relative to our United Methodist Church as our global and quadrennial General Conference winds down today.

Do I love it?

Do I worry about it?

Do I pray for it?

Do I want to continue in its ministry?

Same answer to all those questions and more: to borrow Mr. Clapton’s title, I Still Do.

Hope you’re joining me.

Because finally, the “it” is us…as our advertising tag line says, “The people who are The United Methodist Church.”

And I still do love all those “people who are The United Methodist Church.”


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  1. Bill and Jan Prewitt permalink

    I still do too… the church…..pray for the church…..pray for our minister that he gets to stay where he is…..pray for peace on earth…..pray a lot for our country and for all of us!!!!!!!


  2. I will ditto Bill & Jan Prewitt. I have stayed away from much of the news coming out of the Quadrennial. I don’t know many of the answers they concluded with or which questions they left hanging. I will go back through your blog now and I will also hit up the website for the Conference and get any tidbits there. My belief all week was that it won’t change where I am. I hope it doesn’t. Guess I was afraid to ask.


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