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What They See Week-to-Week

May 13, 2016

Rev. Jessica LaGrone is Dean of The Chapel at one my alma maters.

She recently wrote words of wisdom regarding our denomination’s General Conference currently meeting in Portland.

It is with her expressed and gracious permission that I share the following excerpt with you today (the highlights are mine)—

“For those following the protests and acts of disobedience to the Book of Discipline in the weeks and days leading up to GC, know that there is a very vocal group that is made to seem like a majority by the amount of media coverage their actions receive.

“There will be more of this and much more media coverage.

“As always, let your view of the Church be determined by what you see week-to-week in your local churches and not once-every-four-years at General Conference. ‪#‎UMCGC‬

— But wait.

This invites others, even those outside of whatever local churches we claim as ours, to let their views of Christ’s Holy Church “be determined by what (they) see week-to-week in your local churches.”

I think that’s exactly what Christ Jesus has in mind, don’t you?


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