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BONUS: From Saturday Evening Worship…correction & leadership in the storm

May 8, 2016

Three quick things from this evening’s 5:45pm worship service. Wish you could have been there.

1. That storm rolled in with its massive rain and wind, and some even said we had hail, right around 5:40pm. And worship begins at Effingham Centenary United Methodist Church on Saturday evening at what time? Yup, 5:45pm. You do the math….

For our Call to Worship, I simply said how good it was to see everyone who made it there, even in the storm.                Then I reminded everyone that “in all reality, we’re always gathering for worship in the middle of some kind of            storm. Some we see and hear, some we experience in different ways. But still we gather for worship.”

2. Several of our church kids and moms helped lead worship and even helped with our sermon. It’s an honor to be one of the pastors here, and they are some of the reasons why. Phenomenal stuff! God is very much in business.

3. Joel, one of our youth at age 16, corrected me after worship. I said something about what a good evening this had been, and he immediately shot back with “No, it wasn’t good — it was great!” And Joel was right.




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