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Quietest Worship Service I’ve Ever Been In. And It Was Wonderful.

April 19, 2016

We sang, but barely above a whisper.

We shared our celebrations and concerns, we prayed, and I preached. All very quietly.

We didn’t want to wake her.

It was her first birthday. She was one week old. And her mom had brought her to our regular weekly small group worship.

She was in her child carrier in the middle of our table where her mom had put her. (Okay, yeah, that was my request; we all wanted to keep an eye on her.) Her big sister, who turns 6 this week, supervised the rest of us.

It was an unforgettable time together last evening.

Her presence reminded me that Jesus wasn’t kidding when he told adults how important children are (Matthew 19:14). The United Church of Christ has a current ad campaign that says, “Children should be seen and heard, especially in church.”

I looked around our group and realized that fully half of us were children and youth.

And it was wonderful.






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  1. Debbie permalink

    Glad she could come so soon! Know you enjoyed it Pastor Joe!


  2. Sweet! The morning of the 11th, I became a grand-aunt again so the 18th was her 1-week birthday. They live in Oklahoma, and though I don’t consider myself divorced from them, it is all in the interpretation other than me, so I will live through pictures. I need to find some infants who need to adopt a grandmother.


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