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When a Pet Dies

April 18, 2016

Her husband had died.

Now their dog, who had been with them for well over a decade, died.

“It’s hard to lose somebody,” another character tells her in the film I’ll See You in  My Dreams, “no matter how many legs they had.”

Maybe you know that kind of loss.

Psalm 8:6 says that God entrusted humanity with creation. That echoes Genesis 1:26.

We care because we’re created in the image of a caring God.

I’ve presided at more than my share of pet funerals and burials. I’ve seen adults cry alongside children at those.

I can name you the pets I’ve lost, too, and tell you where they’re buried.

Have you grieved over the death of a pet?

“It’s hard to lose somebody, no matter how many legs they had.”



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  1. Judy Latta permalink

    A great comfort for those of us who love our fur babies


  2. As you know, I lost my fur-baby Precious the 9th of March. It has been a rough 52 days. I am looking for a new friend to love and be loved by. I am not trying to replace Precious, though that is what it felt like the few days I was “interviewing” cats at the Humane Society. Now, I am seeking a kitten. That is how my relationship with Precious began and I would like to get to know someone new in just the same way. Kittens aren’t plentiful right now, but I won’t give up. Precious was my only contact (I trip over not finding saying human, amounts to the same thing). I may not be able to force a new love life, but pets are unconditional love — both ways.

    You and your friend are right, “It’s hard to lose somebody, no matter how many legs they had.”


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