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April 14, 2016

Having gifts that differ….

Romans 12:6

Of all the things I’ve ever been accused of being as a pastor, “an enthusiast” is still a favorite.

For real.

A friend and colleague whom I greatly admire shared with me once upon a time that he’d been criticized for not being “lively enough in the pulpit.” I laughed, and told him that just a couple of days before our conversation I’d been accused of being “too passionate in the pulpit.”

My suggestion to him was that we set up a pulpit exchange for a month, and added we could predict the outcome. We both chuckled and agreed that after two weeks both churches would be clamoring for their own pastor back.

How’s that old cliche about Greener Pastures go?

And what’s that add-on statement, about Greener Pastures were watered better?

Or was it that they had more, uh, fertilizer?

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them, says Romans 12:6.

May our Lord bless you today as you are you.




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One Comment
  1. Pray tell, did you do the exchange and (in a PM if necessary) with whom did this exchange occur?


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