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Memories. Alzheimers.

March 9, 2016

Sally Field was asked recently what’s her most treasured possession.

“My memories,” she answered.


Yesterday our church’s Tuesday Lunch Club was treated to an outstanding presentation by Shannon Nobsbish from The Effingham Area Alzheimer’s Awareness organization. One of her handouts included a list of “10 Early Warning Signs of Alzhiemer’s.”

Topping that list? “Memory loss that disrupts daily life.”


Mick Jagger was asked decades ago what he collected.

“Memories,” he answered.


For several days last week, my 103 year old mom was convinced I was her husband Walter. In actuality, her first husband was named Ernie, and her second, my dad, was named Larry.  No Walter mixed in there anywhere.


Making memories is a phrase I hear a lot these days, and I think it’s good.

But keeping memories? Even better.

Join me in supporting and appreciating the work of Alzheimer’s Groups…a great way to start is to cruise on over right now to



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  1. My memories are precious to me as well! For the grief-stricken, they are the balm for those wounds incurred by the loss! My dad made them with me and my little brothers, an effort I appreciate every single day as they include the brother I lost all too soon. As I have written and said in talks, balm and pure gold!


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