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Getting There

March 8, 2016

There are at least three kinds of people who give driving directions.

First, there are some who are incredibly precise with distances, street names and highway numbers, and details like that.

Second, others use landmarks like buildings and parks and “then you get to this place where the road kinda curves left, but you wanna go straight past that a little more, then go to the right instead.”

But my personal favorite is a third kind who involve local history. They often  advise to “start out going south until you come to where the Maxwells used to live…but that house isn’t there any more. But that’s where you turn. Right there. Oh wait, you’re not from around here, are you? Well, now it’s gonna take some doing to get to where you’re going. Sure you wanna go there?” I initially heard something like that while I was riding in my dad’s car, and I thought the guy was kidding. Nope.

Then there are all sorts of people who are happy to give the rest of us directions on how to get to God, how to find God, or how to experience God.

The most significant and helpful isn’t a set of directions at all, but an invitation: “Come to me,” says Christ Jesus in Matthew 11:28.

Which totally changes everything.



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