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It’s Better to Be Seen Than….

February 3, 2016

“Hey, great seeing you again!” I said to Dan Holmes as we hugged each other.

And a manly hug it was. Complete with the requisite back slapping.

Dan’s like a grizzly bear in a flannel shirt. It’s hard to miss him in a crowd.

No surprise that he was the first person I saw at our District Couple-of-Weeks-After-Epiphany Party for Pastors and Families this past Sunday afternoon. Dan’s a singer-songwriter who teaches high school and tours the world in the off-season. He was at our event to do a concert.

He lowered my feet back to the gym floor as we ended our quick hug,

“Good seeing you again, too!” he shouted. “Like a friend of mine who’s a funeral home director says, ‘It’s better to be seen than viewed.'”

Hit the pause button with me right there: “It’s better to be seen than viewed.”

Who is there that you’ve been meaning to contact but haven’t?

That somebody you were going to grab a cup of coffee with but haven’t?

Is it time to follow up on “Let’s do lunch” with that person from about a month ago?

Let Dan and his friend nudge you into action today with their line, “It’s better to be seen than viewed.”


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