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Yup, That’s My Family!

January 25, 2016

We recently went to my aunt’s funeral.

The pastor, ordained and serving in another denomination, was outstanding.

He told a story about my aunt and uncle that could be about any number of people you and I know and love. I just gotta share it with you.

It happened on his first Sunday in the church. He’d been told that only young people came to the contemporary service, and that only elderly people were at the traditional service.

Walking into the sanctuary before the contemporary service, he was surprised to see only one couple. “Well, it’s early,” he thought.

Some of us nodded.

He said that as he got closer to them, he went from being surprised to being startled and then disheartened.

“They both looked to be in their nineties. And they were. I began to wonder who ‘the elderly people’ were that came to the traditional service.”

Many of us chuckled.

He said that he greeted them, introducing himself as the new pastor. They introduced themselves.

And then they answered his unspoken question: “We come to the contemporary service because we like it better!”

Laughter filled the funeral home.

Yup, that’s my family!

And I say that proudly.

Beyond that, two Take Away Lessons:

  1. Beware of age-ism and other prejudices. 

     2.  Maintain an open heart and mind to what new thing God’s doing. As our Lord says in Isaiah 43;19, I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? 

My aunt and uncle were indeed able to see it. May you and I have eyes to see it today, too.


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