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Just Before the Christmas Eve Service

December 29, 2015

She raced ahead of her family into the sanctuary.

It was Christmas Eve, a worship service was about to start, and I was hurrying to take care of one more unexpected, uh, detail.

She stopped right in front of me, big grin on her face.

I knew what was important in that moment, so I squatted down and we were at eye level.

“Good! You’re here!” I said to her. Pointing at the doll she was holding out to me, I asked, “And who’s this you brought with you?”

Big mistake.

Her facial expression told me how much I’d messed up by not recognizing the doll.

Before I could commit another painful faux pas, her mom quickly jumped in to rescue me with one quick semi-coughed word: “Barbie.”

As I glanced up at her mom with a nod of thanks, I was handed the doll.

“Not just any Barbie, Joe. See? She’s my new Chef Barbie!”

My knees were beginning to hurt, but now I’d been entrusted with holding Chef Barbie.

We talked about what all Barbie was holding and wearing that helped her be Chef Barbie. And about what chefs do. And about why she especially liked this particular Barbie. And about other things.

I learned a lot.

And was still able to deal with that unexpected detail.

And worship still started on time.

I learned a lot before that Christmas Eve Service.

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  1. Jeanette Bushur permalink

    Awesome ! That’s my girl ! Thanks for sharing Pastor.


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