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Moving from The Manger

December 28, 2015

One final burst from the heart and mind of Christopher Wright —

(but if that line makes no sense to you, please scroll down now to December 26 and 27 here for backstory and context and source)

Q: How has your perspective on global Christianity informed your reading of Lamentations?

A: Lamentations helps us face the world’s suffering and weep over and protest it.

But it does so within the grand narrative of Scripture, with its redemptive center in the cross and resurrection of Christ, and its glorious, hope-filled climax in the new creation, in which all suffering, weeping, and death will be no more.

— Christmas was only the beginning of the next chapter in God’s Story and our stories. God invites from the manger to “the new creation in which all suffering weeping and death will be no more.”

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