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Reclaiming Conversation

December 10, 2015

You know how something’s so good you just gotta share it with your friends?

This is one of those things.

And you are one of those friends.

Quoting from Sojourners’ site*, excerpts from a book review —

“Sherry Turkle’s new book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, is perhaps the most important Christian book of 2015. Granted, Turkle steers clear of the language of faith, but in calling us to become more fully human, she has penned a profoundly religious book that Christians need to read and reflect upon.

“Western culture has long been losing the capacity for conversation. Embodied in the current partisan climate of Washington that competes at all costs, rather than converse and collaborate, this aversion to dialogue is symptomatic of cultural changes that have unfolded over the last 500 years.

“Our mobile devices also impede our capacity for solitude, a skill that is vital to our development from childhood onward.

“We would do well to read and reflect on [this book] in our churches, considering how we can create gracious spaces in our life together for practicing and reclaiming conversation.

“All too often our churches get swept up in the consumerism and religious techniques of our day, and don’t take the time to help cultivate basic practices such as conversation that are essential to human life and flourishing. The journey deeper into the art of conversation could awaken vibrant life in our congregations and neighborhoods.”

—Whoa now! Whaddya say?





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