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Traditional, Contemporary, or Blended?

October 25, 2015

I don’t like that kind of music.

I felt like I was in a museum.

I felt like we were at a concert.

And how will you take your worship this weekend — Traditional, Contemporary, or Blended?

Try this on for size, from A. W. Tozer: Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than the Christ within us.



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  1. Well said, as usual.


  2. I have to agree with Tozer and I have to say the three are very different. For the first year I attended Troy UMC, I thought I was attending the Traditional Service (which is quite early in the a.m. I learned). The DVD I receive records the contemporary service. I thought when the contemporary wave started, and even more now, that the contemporary services overcame the reverence that belongs in church and that they would be a fad that would pass. The Traditional service, or the Blended service I would attend retains the reverence, and reminders of the purpose of worship, I can’t seem to find in a contemporary and is why it is comfortable for me. I find myself, most of the time, simply fast forwarding to the sermon. The music is not bad, not at all and I love it, even belting it out to my radio station in the car, but it is the music I would play on the radio, at an informal evening service, or at camp. Many consider me old-fashioned, inflexible, and/or judgmental; it is simply my choice, isn’t it? I would settle for just Traditional, and like Tozer, it keeps me closer to reflecting to the Christ within myself.


  3. Rereading the line should be “…I can’t seem to find in a contemporary and is why it is uncomfortable for me.”


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