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You Make My Blog Worth Writing

August 1, 2015

Will I see you in September?

You make my blog worth writing.

Together, we think here about Scripture. And about what’s going on around us and within us. About things of great substance and things that are simply goofy.

You participate, and I thank you.

This began in November of 2011. That was 1,164 of these ago. Started out as an occasional reflection that developed into three times a week that became a daily affair.

In our current month of August 2015 I’ll be using the time and energy spent writing and editing this content to explore something slightly different. This is only for a month.

During this month, I offer you three things:

1. you’ll see some previous blogs here from time to time; I hope you enjoy them

2. you’ll be able to contact me anytime, at all my usual spots, in all our usual ways; I love hearing from you and interacting with you

3. you’ll be in my prayers; please keep me in yours.

You make my blog worth writing.

The Happenings had a highly-harmonized hit in 1966. Previously recorded by The Tempos in 1959, this cover version reached #3 and is an infectious, hook-laden song. (Hit up this lilnk, and notice at about 44 seconds into it how the two members of the quartet standing to the right onscreen could pass for members of The Kennedy Clan —   —)

Their question is mine: On Tuesday, September 1st, will I see you when I resume regular blogging here? That is, Will I see you in September?

Thank you for your participation in my humble corner of the blog-osphere.

You make my blog worth writing.

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  1. Naomi Roberts permalink

    I will be here in September. I love reading your blogs. It is always a great way to start my day.


  2. Thank you, Naomi


  3. Michael Sanders permalink

    Thanks for all you do!


  4. You know I will be here in September! I try to be a regular!! I will look forward to the 1st of September! I will miss this, I do have a few to do catch-up on though, should keep me busy (along with finally finishing my entry for the next contest that comes along, well, it wasn’t that I didn’t finish, I was still 6,000 words over the maximum limit at submission deadline)! Enjoy your sabbatical.


  5. Thank you for the kind words, Nanette, but I’m far from on Sabbatical…simply trying to slide something off my proverbial plate for a few weeks.

    Or if not off my plate, at least to the side. Over there. In the corner. Of that round plate.

    You get the idea.

    Again, thank you for your regular reading and commenting!


  6. After a little etymology digging, I think that any time you take something off your plate, you have given yourself a tiny sabbatical to your time. I may be wrong, but yes, I get the idea. You are most welcome!


  7. Debbie permalink

    Missing your messages and thoughts!


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