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When Change Comes to Church

June 28, 2015

In our Conference, which is our denominational geographic area, this is the last Sunday for many pastors in their churches.

Some will retire July 1st.

The majority of the others are being appointed to a new ministry on July 1st.

Join me today in praying for churches and clergy facing these transitions.

In fact, it’d be a great idea to keep these people, laity and pastors alike, in your prayers all this week as they prepare for next weekend and their new situations.

And the rest of us? Excellent time to take a break from complaining and count our blessings.


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  1. Naomi Roberts permalink

    Going to Pesotum as a supply pastor. Excited yet fearful. Looking to the Lord for wisdom and grace and guidance.


  2. St. John’s is losing Pastor Sheryl Palmer is going to a new pulpit. St. John’s was expecting possibly next year (knowing the Methodists as we do), but this year caught them off guard. They have had a few months to adjust to the idea. I have changed churches a couple of times purposely and when moving. I have been through nine of the circuit changes in my lifetime in churches where I was a member (10 if I count the one that occurred, as I was a toddler). On every occasion, except my first year in high school, I can remember a period of adjustment. It was an awkwardness within me, a very long time building enough trust, to confide. The process took anywhere from a couple of months to a year. In one instance never, I changed pastors rather than the other way around. I can’t imagine the emotions for the pastor, but the kids are a different story (if they have them). I can remember Marlon Nettleton and I bucking heads for several years and yet, moving day found us seated next to each other, on the lawn of the parsonage, with tears running down both of our faces, as we couldn’t abide his leaving. Soon, the Lewis’s arrived with a girl my age. We are still friends, but I know how much she missed her old church and her old friends. I didn’t understand (never having moved), but I could see it! Mrs. Lewis had left her teaching job and had to find a new one. She was able to find one in the district here.

    Just, please, add to the prayers the families of the pastors, especially the children and two income families!!!!


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