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Running Against the Wind

May 31, 2015

“A thief is only there

to steal and kill and destroy,”

he said. 

“I came so they can have

real and eternal life,

more and better life

than they ever dreamed of.”

 — John 10:10, The Message Version


Jesus said those lines, favorites of many of us, in the context of a simple story. You can read it in John 10:1-18.

The early part of this story says —

The shepherd walks right up to the gate.

The gatekeeper opens the gate to him.

“What to leave in, what to leave out” is a dilemma expressed well in a classic song by Bob Seger. You and I face those kinds of choices all the time.

Today, to whom and to what will you open your heart and mind?

Warning: letting in The Good Shepherd, as Christ calls himself in John 10:11, is often to be counter-cultural. After all, the Bob Seger line I quoted a moment ago here is from his song, Against the Wind.

May it be so today!

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  1. Sometimes it is hard to run against the wind every day. I was in Wal-Mart today in Wood River (not my usual Wal-Mart). I was picking out something that struck my eye for my oldest daughter’s birthday next month. The trouble was that what caught my eye would make her happy, but gives me pause and I was scrambling around to find a “J” instead. I was in the way (as I seem to be often of late) and I realized a woman was standing behind me. I quickly repositioned and apologized. She was so sweet and said I am not in a hurry. I told her that I never, never go to a store in a hurry it only breeds frustration. She laughed and agreed, then said she works in a restaurant that specializes in breakfast foods. She just opened up with tears in her eyes and said that her son is dying of a Gioblastoma, she is raising his two children, her grandchildren while caring for him, and her husband is in a nursing home where she goes daily. She said she delivered an omelet to a woman, who said, “This is not perfectly made, how can you call this an omelet?”

    The first comment out of my mouth, before she went on, was, “How important IS it!” She said she wanted to ask the customer if in 30 years it would matter that her omelet that day didn’t overlap properly. Nevertheless, she didn’t, she pleasantly asked her if she would like it returned to the kitchen and was curtly told she would eat it. She smiled and went back to wait on other tables. We talked a little further and we started to part.

    I asked if she had hospice for her son yet, she said not yet, but soon. I told her about my little neighbor who had suffered from the same tumor. She said “Really?” I assured it was a true story. I pulled out one of my cards with my grief and bereavement support, explaining it is not a job, it is from the heart and my calling. She immediately hugged me and said, “I was supposed to meet you today, you have no idea what a blessing this is!” She asked me about whether she could call any time and I put her phone number in my phone so that I wouldn’t ignore it as an unknown call. We parted with her repeating her thankfulness for divine intervention. My heart had that funny warm rush I get in these situations.

    BTW, I was supposed to meet her too, I got the necklace the daughter would have if she were buying it for herself.


  2. I hate it when I don’t proof read. I think her headwind was hundreds of times stiffer than mine!


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