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“You’ve Wanted to Make This Case About Race All Along, So Let’s Go There.”

February 23, 2015

“What’s on your mind?” asked the Facebook prompt.  Margurette Carter answered. 

She’s a phenomenal educator and administrator and United Methodist whom I’ve served as pastor.  Pour another cup of coffee and settle in, this is really good — oh, and yes, it’s with her permission that I share this with you —

I saw the movie Black or White and there was a scene where Kevin Costner was accused of not liking black people.
He responded by saying, “There it is, you have wanted to make this case about race all along, so lets go there. Yes when I look at you I see a black man and when you look at me you see a white man, but it is the third, fourth and fifth times that I talk with you that determines how I feel about you.”
This reminded me of a student Joe Larson who was in my homeroom in 8-44. Joe walked in with long blond hair before boys were wearing long hair and my first impression was, this kid is going to be a problem.
It was Joe who reminded me that you should not judge a person by appearance, you have to get to know them. Joe was a neat kid, as well as an A-B student.
So yes, we see color and anyone who says they do not, are not being honest.  Yes, we prejudge others based on their appearance.  Anyone who says they do not are not being honest.  And yes, there are many more labels we put on people.  
And by doing this, we might be missing a blessing. 

My prayer today is that we release the demons inside of us: the demon of bitterness, hateful words, apathy towards our communities, our schools.  Stop being judgmental and take the time to see what values individuals have.  Ask our Lord and Savior to create in us a clean heart one with compassion and understanding. Amen.

As we prepare for Easter, let us continue to pray for this world we live in and the hate that is being spread.

Let us pray for those who are truly struggling to make ends meet and know that God will take care of those who have taken advantage of the system.

Let us pray that those in charge of making decisions will make them in the best interest of all and not just because they have the power.

Let us pray for School Board members who not only make decisions that will impact our children’s lives, but also impact the parents. Pray that they have done their reserach individually to make a good informed decison.

I lift you up in prayer as I know you lift my family up.

Thanks for letting me share today. God Bless YOU!

— Amen, amen, and amen, Margurette.

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