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You Gotta Have a Plan. Then What? — job interview, part 5

October 31, 2014

“You gotta have a plan.  Then make it happen,” said the Restaurant Manager to the Prospective Employee.

Sounded like a United Methodist to me.  A plan is good, but action is better.

The New Testament, in James 2:18, says, Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.

Take a quick inventory of yourself, your faith and your actions over this past week…yesterday…this past hour…can you honestly say, I will show you my faith by my deeds?

Cite some examples.

And be thankful for the faith that got you going and kept you focused.


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  1. Yes, I can. Tooting my horn where showing my faith by my deeds are concerned, I will give only one example, I have a friennd from high school who cares for her mother with demtia. She has no car and her sister helps very little. I regularly take them to the store when they need groceries or just to get out. Her mom is so cute! Sometimes in the store, my friend will be pushing her mom in the wheel chair with the basket on the front, and her mom will go, “Wheeeeeee!!!!” out of nowhere! I have a difficult time “tooting” because I am humbled by the deed itself. One day my friend and another friend were discussing the hatefulness existing in so much today and how much better off love and happiness would make people. My friend said, “Isn’t that right mom?” and her mom said, “Yep, we need peace, love, and pappiness!” No, I didn’t misspell happiness, that is just the way she said it, and on video no less! As I see my deeds, Faith is an interwoven tapestry of faith, works, and fruit!


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