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It Happened at Church Camp

October 21, 2014

You’ve been there.  You’ve done a spectacular job.  But nobody noticed.

And you’ve been here, too.  You’ve simply fulfilled your responsibilities.  To the best of your abilities.  But again, nobody noticed.

Or…maybe somebody did.

For example, Melissa Etheridge noticed this: “I started playing 12-string (guitar) when I was 14,” she says,because someone “at church camp had one at just sounded so beautiful.”

Imagine that.  It happened “at church camp.”

You’ve been there.  Maybe it was called Vacation Bible School.  Or a nursing home.  Or a place the rest of us wouldn’t ever think of.

But you’ve been there.

You’ve made a difference.

Someone noticed.

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  1. Wow! How about that. I don’t know if we were campers at the same time at church camp, but I was a counselor at Aldersgate one year (1977) when you were pastor in seminary. It was where I discovered that you were best friends in high school with my first crush/first kiss in high school. You were great at church camp assemblies, many of the mannerisms and analogies of you, Vidakovich, Ken Wallace (years prior) are a part of my own repertoire. Years earlier, my camp experiences include some now in my own Cloud of Witnesses (Hebrews 11:1 – 12:2, hmm, a Little Grassy Aldersgate topic), like the late Rev. Vic Herrman, the late Mary Lou Baylor, and many others passed camp directors and ministers.

    Before that were the Sunday School teachers, church members, and ministers, some of those in my own Cloud of Witnesses, the late Lena Graham, late Mr. & Mrs. George Dean, late Helen Boccaleoni, late Rev. Jim Nettleton, late Roy Wolfe, Coleta Zimmerman, and many others who helped to shape my Faith over the past 59 years. Though they are no longer with me, they are still guiding me. I treasure the memory I have that does go back as far as a first memory at age two-and-one-half. I believe it makes my Faith that much richer!

    I can only hope there is a former camper out there that I touched as I was by the teachings and “performances onstage” by those I remember. I taught/counseled the weeklong grade school campers in July 1971 at Little Grassy. I was an “extra” female counselor (though still needed), so I slept with some fifth and sixth grade girls at night, but was with a group of fifth and sixth grade boys from breakfast until saying goodnight at the snack bar. One of the boys used my address, which they all wrote down, to keep in touch. Somewhere, in a memory box, I have his senior picture (don’t know why I can’t remember his name). I had from Sunday to the arrival of the campers on Monday morning to adjust my mind to having a group of boys (with a male co-counselor, true of all day groups); I wasn’t very keen on it. I wouldn’t have changed the experience! I just hope I made an impression, on at least one.

    The list of little things I picked up from my vast Cloud of Witnesses and those I can still go to for conversation or advice would take me weeks to make. The author of Hebrews makes a case for the marriage of the Old Testament with the new. Much of the Old Testament highlights the shortcomings of the faithful and punishment. Christ brought a new way of Grace and Love, but didn’t dismiss anything else. I went back and read Hebrews 11:1 through 12:2 earlier (after reading your entry today). In my Inspirational Study Bible New King James Version with commentary and inspirational entries by Max Lucado, I was taken by one of his comments to the side that caught my eye. “Heroes of faith, although imperfect, trusted God and gave their lives to him.” Hebrews 11 is filled with their feats and plights.

    I’ll stop, more to do on Elsa! (Too much?)


  2. mike Lutz permalink

    Very nice


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