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Let’s Go, part 3

October 19, 2014

 When they said,

“Let’s go to the house of God,

    my heart leaped for joy.

— Psalm 122

Who was it who first said to you something along the lines of “Let’s go to the house of God?”

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  1. Most likely my dad on a Sunday to the nursery at church. He went to Sunday school too, so when I was two or three, there was Sunday school for me too. I had to write an autobiography in fifth grade. I had to ask a list of questions of my parents to complete it. One of the things I learned was that even before I spoke legible language, I knew when Sunday came around and was only happy when I made it to church. Since dad worked days every third shift (including a Sunday once or twice a month), I must have been a miserable (spoiled as I am told) child to be around those days no one else took me. That didn’t occur often. They even told me some embarassing (mostly to dad) stories of a few rare Sundays. I’ll spare you. I was a kick!


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