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Living, Loving, and Led Zepplin

August 27, 2014

“Living what you’re selling” is one of the keys to a highly successful St. Louis company, says its founder.  It’ s also significant for Christians: we use the phrase “walk your talk” to emphasize the importance of consistency  between our verbal witness and those actions that speak louder than our words.

“Loving what you’re selling” changes only one vowel, but yesterday I said that it’s a corallary to “Living what you’re selling” as we share our faith in Christ.  Like an old song says, The Gospel in a word is love.

Putting those two verbs together, and reaching way back into the recordings of classic rockers Led Zepplin for a simple melody ( gives us this chorus —

[guitar riff:

dah, da-da dah da-da dah,

dah dah da-dahhh, dah]




dut, dut, crash]

Yes, I’m a Christian

May that be true for you and me today; may Christ make us fully alive and full of love.

Let the Church say Amen.

Now let’s get going, Church — whole lotta love and whole lotta life awaits!

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  1. Now I have to listen to LZII again.


  2. Hey, could be worse, Willie! Glad to see you read this, and appreciate your Comment.


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