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Tales from The Trenches: Vacation Bible School, 2nd Night

July 30, 2014

Last evening our VBS snack was fruit, a Rice Krispie Treat, and one of those Capri Sun drinks.

In case you don’t know, those fruity drinks come in silver bag-like-things with a straw stuck to the side.

My 4 year old friend to my left had some trouble with his, so he asked me to help.

He warned me this one was really tricky.

His older brother had left the table to get something, and a quick glance confirmed that I was the senior member at our table. (I guess that was already true anyway, but hey, had to check.)

He was right.  This one was really tricky.

But maybe if I turned the straw so the pointy end was like stabbing the thing it would work better.

And maybe if I held the container tighter.

Do you know how fast that stuff squirts out of there?  And how high?  I do.

And that was after rec time’s Obstacle Course that opened with a dog training tunnel we crawled through.  (Yes, I correctly used First Person Plural: “we.”) (Photographic evidence exists…the first one buzzed onto my phone as I was walking home from Bible School.)

All that came after our second lesson.  The first evening’s had been “Do No Harm” and this one was “Do Good.”  I have actually seen VBS people of all ages reminding one another of both lessons, giving great examples of those first two of Our Three Family Rules, and doing stuff that evidenced both.

To be clear: I love Bible School.   I love this church.  I love these kids.  I love our staff.

Very thankful for the opportunity to be in on what God’s up to this week!


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