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They Can’t Get In

July 8, 2014

The Shut Ins were the first group Bishop Keaton mentioned in his opening sermon of our Annual Conference this year, and we thought together about your church’s Shut Ins yesterday.

How did it go when you contacted the person God brought to mind yesterday?  Have you arranged for a visit?  Still plenty of time, and today’s a good day for that.  Again, I’d love to hear about your experience.

The second group our Bishop mentioned was The Shut Outs.

Despite our best efforts to be people of  “Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors,” there are still precious persons we exclude in numerous ways.

Maybe we let them come and sit in our pews or occupy a seat in a small group.  But do we let them into trusted leadership positions?  Do we include them in informal social moments?

Do we even see them?

You’ve been picturing someone while you’ve been reading this.

What would be a way for you to reach out to a Shut Out?


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  1. Janet permalink

    I agree with you that there are people that we invite into our pews that we that we don’t want to invite into some of our social settings. Shame on us. However, I do question asking them (or even members) to be in trusted leadership positions unless we know something about their “spiritual status.” I know how this sounds so help me here.

    • How it sounds is honest.

      Thank you for bringing this up, and I’m looking forward to what others may suggest in response.

      So weigh in, friends, and thanks in advance —

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