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A-N-C, part 3 of 3: Avoiding a Crash.

March 27, 2014

Aviate, Navigate and Communicate is the 3 step process aircraft pilots take in emergencies, or A-N-C as pilots apparently put it.

In simplest terms, it looks like this:

Aviate — Maintain control of the aircraft
Navigate — Know where you are and where you intend to go
Communicate — Let someone know your plans and needs

That third one, Communicate, is as essential as the first two.  But it comes last.

When we’re in crisis, it’s  tempting to jump to that 3rd step and demand help with our “plans and needs.”

But that’s third, not first, for pilots.

Today, as we’re well into this Second Half of Lent, let’s you and me try to do what we can, aware of where we are and where we “intend to go,” before we sound off.

It’s a good way to avoid a crash.

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