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Am I Still Learning? # 4 of 7 Questions

March 21, 2014

Am I still learning?

This is the fourth of seven questions for you and me over seven Fridays.  They are author Jon Acuff’s self-described seven questions that could change your life, and  Am I still learning? is the next.

It’s a reminder that while we night not have assigned homework or a reading list, we are lifelong learners.

You and I know that we’re still learning things, even if it’s the details of some celebrity’s baby bump.  Maybe we should pay closer attention to what we’re learning.

What are we feeding our minds, our souls, our hearts?  You and I know where junk food diet gets us, and we know we can do better.

Acuff advises people in their twenties to view their first three jobs as their Master’s program, which I find both hopeful and realistic in today’s business climate.

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I have a plaque Patty gave me with a Michelangelo quote, “I am still learning.”

We really are still learning all sorts of things.

Let’s be sure to include some good, helpful, productive stuff this weekend along with everything else we’re still learning.

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  1. Janet permalink

    I’ve learned that I have to have an open mind and an open spirit. I don’t have a corner on the truth. There is still much God wants to teach me. I must be receptive to learn His truth.


    • Amen to all that, Janet!

      And there’s ALWAYS more to discover and understand and experience and practice, isn’t there?

      Maybe that’s why Mr. Wesley called it the “process” of sanctification. He was one sharp cookie.


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