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You’re Awesome at This; #3 0f 7

March 14, 2014

What am I awesome at?

Jon Acuff’s third question comes to me as a slice of sweetness in an overly-critical culture.

“Often it’s impossible to see your own talents,” he writes.  “The worst part is that when you miss your talents, you end up trying to be someone you’re not.”

Remember those people who really know you from his second question that we looked at last Friday?  Good place to start finding answers to this third question.

I suggest we just remember to return the favor.

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  1. Jenny Rodriguez permalink

    Thank you, Joe, for these daily reflections. I have been behind, and just read backwards to Ash Wednesday. Many interesting words to ponder. I will try and keep up better so I can take time to absorb each day’s message.


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