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That Second Grade Song in The Christmas Program

December 26, 2013

Second grade, in the school gym, my first day back after having my tonsils out.

It was the final rehearsal for our Christmas Program, but it was my first rehearsal.

I was just happy to get to be in The Bleachers.  When my cousin talked about basket ball games, she talked about The Bleachers and she was all grown up and knew everything and could even drive a car because she was in high school.

Our class was singing a song that had verses I’d never heard before, though I thought part of the chorus was familiar.  I was suddenly learning three verses and the entire chorus in this rehearsal.

I was playing catch-up.



The music teacher had taught everybody else the song our class was singing, plus details on how to stand to sing better and even where to look to follow directions.

I was catching on.



The next day was The Christmas Program and both of my parents were there.  I glanced over to where they were sitting while our class was singing and to my amazement they were moving their lips as if singing along.  I lost my place in the song for a moment.  Did they really know the same song as all of us Second Graders?  Or were we surprisingly great teachers?  Either way, this singing thing was apparently a pretty big deal!  I stood even straighter and sang even louder.

That song, “O Come All Ye Faithful” still speaks to me today.  On what is The First Day of The Christmas Season on some calendars, it’s an invitation worth repeating —

“O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.”

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