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Nick Saban Hadn’t Seen Anything Like It

December 1, 2013

Nick Saban said after the game yesterday that he’d never seen anything like it.

Chris Davis was in the End Zone for his Auburn football team, waiting for Alabama to kick a 57 yard field goal.

The game clock showed 1 second.

The kick.  In the air.  Missing the uprights.

“The ball was in the air, coming toward you,” an interviewer said to Chris after the game.  “What was in your mind?”

Davis grinned, “Catch it and run!”

He caught it.  He ran with it.

All the way into the Alabama end zone for a touchdown.

The Auburn radio announcer said it was a 109 yard run.  ESPN said it was 108.  By NFL standards, he ran 100 yards.

The game was over, and thanks to his plan to “Catch it and run!” his 4th-ranked team beat the 1st-ranked team 34-28.

See you back here tomorrow with what Chris Davis tweeted on December 4, 2012.   You’ll love it.


Today is in the air, coming toward you and me.  This is the day the Lord has made.

What’s in our minds?  We will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)

Or, as Chris Davis said, “Catch it and run!”

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