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Yesterday, at the Nursing Home

November 21, 2013

That’s not how the song was written.

I had just sat down by my mom at her nursing home at yesterday morning’s worship service.

Pastor Leanne Noland was in charge and leading the last song.  We were leaving right away to get to a clergy lunch meeting in a nearby town.  Not wanting to be disruptive, I shook my head at her offer of a song book and jumped in with the group singing the closing hymn, “Standing on The Promises.”

Enjoying the fact that I knew it from memory, I was sailing along.

Until we got to one phrase in a verse.

“Resting in my Savior” is what I was primed to sing, but I noticed someone with a hymnal forming the word “Trusting” at the start of that phrase.

I immediately switched from “Resting” to “Trusting” but it came out wrong.

I didn’t sing about “Resting” or “Trusting.”

My voice sang, and with great gusto, that I am “Rusting in my Savior.”

Which silenced me.

A song had become a confession.

Rather than moving forward…rather than keeping on keeping on…rather than growing in God’s grace…“Rusting in my Savior.”

That’s not how the song was written.

But that’s how I can get.  And pretty easily.

You, too?

What are some things that can keep you and me from “Rusting” in Christ?


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