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Not Alone

October 29, 2013

“Draw us with your love,” we sing in worship this month as our prayer song.

It’s significant that we sing it in the first person plural: us, we, our.

In our awakened awareness of God’s love, we glance around and see that we’re not alone.

As we’ll read and sing about during Advent and Christmas, Emmanuel means “God (is) with us” and is a name for Christ.

We are not alone, because God is with us.

And we are not alone, because we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

God is drawing all of us with love.

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  1. How do you take this outside the church? Do you really want to take it outside? What is God drawing all of us towards? There is a song, “This is my Father’s World”, is it? And what about everyone else?


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