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When A Bishop Comes to Church, Part 2

September 29, 2013

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton preached in our Sunday services recently.

The second thing that impressed me happened during the offering.

As the ushers were bringing it forward to the altar table, Bishop Keaton leaned over and slipped a check into the offering plate.

He was our guest.

But he knew Whose house it was.

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  1. Bill Pyatt permalink

    Always good to know where you are!


  2. From that long ago visit, I thought all Bishops did that. I have often turned honorariums, for Lay Speaker pulpit relief, over and signed them back to that church; in addition to the check or (usually) cash I had slipped into the the offering earlier. This was back when I was a Certified Lay Speaker. I was just doing what I thought guests pulpit fillers do, based on that long ago Bishop visit.


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