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When a Bishop Comes to Church

September 22, 2013

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton preached in our Sunday services recently.

My first glimpse of him was at our office conference table.  His open Bible, hymn book and sermon manuscript were spread around him.  He was marking out words on his papers, making additions and corrections.

Later that morning, as he preached from that week’s lectionary texts, he included two current events: a 64 year old woman setting a world swimming record and the chemical weapons issue in Syria as illustrations.

My initial impression was confirmed: this was not a canned presentation that he simply pulled from a file for every road trip.

This was a sermon.

Preached by a preacher.

It was a blessing.

May your time of worship this weekend be filled with joy that you carry that with you all week!



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  1. There is a fantastic message give here. Those who God has called are there not by their own desire, but how God creates their path. Thank you for this great message on the Lord’s Day.


    • I appreciate you reading and commenting, thank you — and it was a stunning morning, in every good way that word sounds like it might; stay tuned the next several Sundays for a few more observations/lessons from Bishop Keaton’s morning with us. Again, thank you!


  2. Debbie permalink

    It was a blessing to hear him and meet him. Thank you.


  3. Ditto here, Debbie! Glad you enjoyed it as well; good stuff.

    Your readership and comments are always appreciated!


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