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Be Zane Today

August 29, 2013

I was sitting on the floor of the front part of our church sanctuary during worship.

Craig, our Lay Leader, was praying.

Zane, his younger brother Silas, and I were still working with our prayer tags. 

Zane had a great cinch bag.  Silas had a giant SpongeBob backpack.  I had my laptop backpack.

I was having trouble getting my tag’s carabineer to work.  Zane showed me a trick.

Then I was having trouble putting it in place on my backpack strap.  Zane showed me a place where some straps come together that worked great for my tag.

Zane helped me, and I thanked him.

Who’s being Zane today for you?  Be sure and thank her or him.  Or them.

For whom might you be Zane today?  Be sure and help her or him.  Or them.  Whether they thank you or not.

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  1. Peggy Hurley Wiegand permalink

    My sister posted a quote from John Wesley today….the one about helping others because you can for as long as you can. Good thoughts going ’round today. Thanks!


  2. TY for this, Peggy! Do you have that quote handy? Isn’t it about doing all the good you can for al you can etc? Would love to see that. RSVP


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