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Beyond Backpacks and Workbags, You Can Still Have Prayer Tags

August 28, 2013

God of all knowledge and wisdom,

we pray your blessing on these students,

young and old, as they begin a new year.

Help them to discover

and develop the gifts

you have given them.

As they grow in knowledge,

help them also to grow in kindness and compassion,

learning respect for themselves and others.

Strengthen them with encouragement, support, and love. 

in Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

—The prayer that’s on a tag for backpacks and work bags,

a tag we gave out in worship recently .—

It’s with Max’s permission that I tell this story and use his name.

Between our second and third services on Backpack Sunday, Max, a very active retired man I greatly admire, stopped me in a hallway in our church building.

He said wished he’d brought his golf bag to worship with him so he could get a tag for it.  How cool is that?!

Max spends a lot of time and energy these days playing golf, and what better place to be a witness for Christ?

Maybe like Max you don’t currently have a backpack or a computer bag as part of your everyday stuff. What do you have with you regularly?  Let me know, and I’ll be happy to see that you get a prayer tag for it.

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  1. Brian Diel permalink

    Can an old friend in NJ get one of those tags for his work bag, because that is just about the best idea I have heard all month!

    Blessings from New Jersey!

    Brian Diel


    • Brian—Of course! Shoot me your snail mail address via like FB MSG or email and you got it. Thrilled to include you!


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