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Breathe Out, Breathe In

May 23, 2013

How far can your car go on an empty tank?

I like that my car’s dashboard has a little picture of a gas pump that lights up as a warning.

Then there are numbers that tell me how many more miles I can drive before “Empty” goes from a concept to a problem.

How far can your car go an empty tank?  Mine stops.

We’re thinking together this first week after Pentecost Sunday about being filled with the Holy Spirit.  And about breathing, since both Old and New Testaments use the word for spirit that people also used for breath and wind.

We breathe by both inhaling and exhaling.  It takes both actions to be alive.

Too many Christians are out of breath.  We’ve become so absorbed in exhaling, in doing, that we’ve forgotten to inhale God’s Holy Spirit.  After breathing out, we need to breathe in, and deeply.

Too many Christians are trying to run on empty.   “Running on Empty” is a classic Jackson Browne song, but my car reminds me that it can’t get very far if its fuel tank is really empty.  We forget that Acts 2:4 says that “the Spirit gave them ability.”

Breathe out, breathe in.  It’s God’s idea that we do both.

And when you and I think we don’t have time to breathe in, let’s remember how far our cars can go on an empty tank.



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