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A Friday-in-Holy-Week Extra: Over 6,000 Songs

March 29, 2013

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing and O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing are just two of more than 6,000 songs Charles Wesley wrote.  Most church’s hymn collections have at least one of his works, and many have several.

Along with his brother John, he helped birth and develop what we now know as The Methodist Church in its various forms.  (Full Disclosure Moment: I am very much a United Methodist, and quite happily so.)

Charles died on this day, March 29, in 1788.

According to official church records, Charles was involved in the British St. Marlyebone Church.   Late in life he told the priest there, “Whatever the world may say of me, I have lived, and I die, a member of the Church of England.  I pray you to bury me in your churchyard.”  Upon his death, six clergymen of the Anglican Church were his pall bearers.

Join me today in thanking God for Charles Wesley and his rich contributions to our faith.

And then go back and re-read what I wrote three days ago about the 2nd of those 3 parables Jesus tells in Matthew 25, and pray that God would help us develop and share our talents, too.

Charles would approve.


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