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Atlanta Snow Driving

February 22, 2013

Driving in snowy weather always reminds me of driving to school in Atlanta.

We Yankees, as they called us (and they used that term affectionately, right?) looked forward to Snow Days in Atlanta.  We averaged about one or two a year.

Schools would close and businesses would open late because of all the snow.  Which usually meant about a quarter of an inch of snow that was melted by 10am.

Cars would be in ditches, and spun around the wrong way on highway medians.  Because of all the snow.

The saddest thing to watch was cars trying to go uphill.  Drivers would actually pause at the bottom of the hill, as if catching their breath.  Then they’d put pedal to the metal and take a running start.

That’s when their cars would slide, swerve and dive for the nearest ditch.

Some Yankees waved as they drove by.  Some Southerners responded with a variety of hand gestures.

I think of those times in Atlanta when driving in snowy weather and remind myself to slow down and leave some extra space.

For many of us, that’s good advice that has nothing to do with driving a car: slow down and leave some extra space.

Today, I’m going to slow down and leave some extra space.

Join me: let’s slow down and leave some extra space today.

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  1. Patrick mueller permalink

    Good advice.. Something very hard to do at times but always needed


    • Thank you, Patrick! I find this ridiculously hard to do, yup.

      Hey — really appreciate you reading and commenting.


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