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Rosalee: “I Always Told Albert”

January 31, 2013

“Being There” was the title.

It began as a conversation Charlene and I had early last fall and it ended as a short term study group last night.

It was wonderfully inclusive: both genders, ages from twenties to eighties, our church people and their non-church friends.

It was about caring for others in appropriate ways and simply “Being There” for them in meaningful ways.

It was about caring for ourselves while caring for others.

Over these past four weeks that our group met, beginning with about a dozen people, we more than doubled in size.

But the real significance was in the content and context.

We opened and closed with Scripture, singing and sharing our celebrations and concerns.  We prayed, thought together and shared quite openly.  Charlene presented three powerful lessons.    Last evening we enjoyed a guest speaker; more about that amazing blessing tomorrow.

For today, I’d like to invite you to join the rest of us earlier this month in “Being There” with Rosalee.  I tell this with her expressed permission.

Rosalee was happily married to Albert for many years, and only his death separated them.  They shared a great life together, and as she spoke of caring for him over a span of years as his health declined, I asked her what her secret was.

She paused.

She slowly smiled.

“I always told Albert I thought we were put on this earth to help people.”

So did Jesus.  Matthew 25 has details.  Rosalee has that lesson summary: “…we were put on this earth to help people.”

Let’s not just nod in agreement.

Let’s not just say Amen.

Let’s take action: “…we were put on this earth to help people.”

Rosalee is right.  Jesus says so in Matthew 25.










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  1. Sharon White permalink

    I agree that sums it up well. I loved the meeting last night. I also want to thank you, Joe, and all of the other members of our church that always welcomes my friends that I bring to our meetings. You are very much a great example of what a CHRISTian is!


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