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Dead Mouse (not Deadmau5)

January 23, 2013

A conversation before worship a couple of weeks ago —

“Did you see that dead mouse by the front door?”

“No, but we’d better get something and move it.”

Going first to a supply closet to “get something,” they went to “move it.”

“Where is it?”

“Right over there.  See it?”

“You mean that leaf?”


“Yeah, well, before we turned the light on it didn’t look like a leaf.  It looked like a dead mouse.”

They’ve had a great time telling this story.

I’ve done that same thing in other situations and maybe you have, too.

What we thought we saw turned out to be something different once we saw it in the light.

Often it takes the help of someone else as well.

Today, let’s be sure we can see clearly and understand, and ask for help if we need it.

Maybe that’s just a leaf over there.

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