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Welcome Home to Your Life

October 20, 2012

“I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

—Psalm 23:6, King James Version

“Forever’s a long time.”  A youth group guy told me that.  Had to agree.

In classic tent meeting revivalistic terms, the big question is “Where will you spend eternity?”

In a profound sense, this which we call Time, our Present Tense Reality, is but a paranthetical part of the eternal forever.

Which makes a newer translation of this same verse seem even more significant:

“I will live in the Lord’s house as long as I live.”

—Psalm 23:6, Common English Bible

Right now you and I are somewhere between The Already and The Not Yet.  God has done marvelous things but the best is yet to come.

But here we are, right now, by God’s grace already living in God’s presence.

As a pastor liked to say when I was too little to understand it, but still loved hearing him say it: “Be careful not to become so heavenly-minded that you’re of no earthly good.”

Forever really is a long time, and it’s already begun.

Welcome home to the Lord’s house of your everyday life!

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  1. Debbbie Lappin permalink

    Enjoy your messages.
    What’s next?!!


  2. Nanette permalink

    I like this!!


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