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Quiet Pools.

October 1, 2012

He finds me quiet pools to drink from. 

Psalm 23:2, The Message

It’s our choice.

We can take the appropriate action for profound refreshment.  Or not.

Our Lord, our Shepherd in Psalm 23, won’t force us.

But look at what this verse says is happening:  He finds me quiet pools to drink from. 

We don’t have to go frantically searching; the source has been found: He finds me quiet pools to drink from. 

We don’t have to wonder if we’re invited or not; these quiet pools are for us to enjoy: He finds me quiet pools to drink from. 

Gratefully, we can drink deeply.

It’s our choice.

What quiet pools have been found for you today?

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  1. Patty Scheets permalink

    Very good, honey.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Nanette permalink

    Not argumentative!

    I had to go to my KJV to figure this one out. “He leadeth me beside the still waters.” Perhaps I adhere too closely to the way I learned to take comfort in things. I admit growing up on the RSV, but found more comfort in the KJV study Bibles of my adult years. I do know that every time I walk next to the Mississippi in the quiet of the night (not alone and well lit), or sit in the woords next to Little Grassy Lake, or simply sit next to one of the local lakes in the kids parks here in town, unless I am alone, I recite the KJV in my head (even if I couldn’t remember it just now). It was the scripture my father-in-law had me recite several times in his final hours (along with a couple of songs). It is what came to mind after my mind cleared the chaos, upon the news of my brother’s death. Still Waters are my talisman — the third Webster’s definition, 3. anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions — for me, that peace that passeth understanding.


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