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God Lets Me Do WHAT?

September 29, 2012

He lets me rest  —  Psalm 23:2 (Common English Bible)

It’s Saturday morning.

It’s the weekend.

Is yours packed and crazy?  Are you working?  Is there time to catch your breath?

Newer versions of The Bible tend to have Psalm 23:2 changed from the way many of us learned it (“He maketh me to lie down”) into something more invitational: “He lets me rest.”

God rested, says the first book of The Bible.

This Psalm says that we can rest as well.  But do we?

Hear the difference between God forcing us to lie down and God allowing us to rest?

It’s okay to catch your breath today.  What would help you do that?

Remember that it’s okay.

Maybe you’re like others of us, who need to be reminded that “(God) lets me rest.”

May those four words both haunt you and help you: “(God) lets me rest.”

I’ll help you remember if you help me remember.

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  1. Janet permalink

    Some people need to be made to rest. By changing “makes” to “lets” it sounds like we don’t want to be told what to do. Isn’t part of obedience being willing to do what we are told. “Lets” is us in charge. “Makes” is God in charge. Just a thought.


    • Like a wise saint said long ago, “Christ invites us to ‘come apart with Him’ so that we don’t just ‘come apart.'”

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  2. Nanette permalink

    I prefer “Makes” as well. I am like an energizer bunny, and like last Friday through Monday, it took a horrific Fibro outbreak of a 10 or higher pain level, to bring me down to resting my mind (about the only thing working overtime these days). However, of late, I find relaxing (what my daughter finds hectic) are my granddaughter’s six-year-old level soccer games! Granted as they got earlier in the morning (8:15 this past Saturday), I cringed, I wouldn’t trade her smiles and hugs for any pain scale! Full speed ahead. OK, if you insist, catch me at the soccer field Saturday 10:15.


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