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September 26, 2012

The late, great Dave the Wonder Dog was a walking combo platter of German Shepherd and Labrador.  He buffed out at about 125 pounds.

He could be intimidating when necessary.

But when it stormed, he trembled.  Then whimpered.  Then cried.

He needed someone right there with him, making eye contact at least.  Touching him reassuringly was even better.

Dave didn’t want to be alone during a storm.

Neither do we.

Genesis 28:15 is an early promise of God’s to never leave us.  Psalm 23:4 says that God is with us, even in the scariest situations.  Both of those are still true.

Whether it feels like it or not… making eye contact or not…sensing a reassuring touch or not…God is present.

Right here.  Right now.

Let’s help each other remember that today.



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  1. Today would have been my brother Dave’s 61 birthday. He died 4 years ago. When we were kids and would play “house”, he wouldn’t be the father or brother. He would be the dog!He would crawl around and lick water out of a bowl. He was big and loving, but soft inside. Thanks for helping me remember him today.


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