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Stuff My Mom Says

July 31, 2012

At her 100th birthday party, we asked my mom the secret to living that long.

She had several answers.

I want to share some of the stuff she said.

My personal favorite: “Enjoy every moment.”

She does that.

She’s found a way to find the pleasant parts of whatever happens.  She’s had plenty of unpleasant parts to her life.  She knows the difference.  Yet she does exactly what she advises: “Enjoy every moment.”

When something good happens, she’s extra happy.  After all, she’s already established a pattern: “Enjoy every moment.”

Was she always this way?  Not at all.  She learned that.

Maybe you and I can, too.

Let’s start trying that today: “Enjoy every moment.”

What’s something you’d share here as a comment that you’re enjoying today?

I’ll start.  I’m enjoying having our son Joseph home with us for several days.  I’m enjoying that my Physical Therapy went well today.  I’m enjoying that I got to take part in two productive meetings today.  I’m enjoying that you’re still reading this!

What moments are you enjoying today?   Feel free to leave a comment.

See you back here soon.

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  1. Janet Longtin permalink

    enjoying having all 3 of my kids under the same roof for the summer, enjoying the rain we had earlier(not much but it was something)


  2. Nanette permalink

    Enjoying my cat who needs me as much or more than I need her!


  3. I’m enjoying having our daughter stay with us for a while before she moves to Terre Haute.


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