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Unanswered Prayers

May 20, 2012

I was enjoying some Social Media Time recently.  Reading, commenting, liking, sharing, all the usual.

My comments weren’t always appearing onscreen.

When I’d scroll back through the screen or revisit a friend’s wall, some of my comments had vanished.

Who was doing this?  Who was following me and deleting my words?  How was this even possible?  And, why?!

Then I noticed the problem.

Nobody was doing anything like following and deleting.  That wouldn’t have been necessary.

Because I’d frequently forgotten to hit the Enter key.  All my words simply vanished as I moved on to something else.

Sounds like my prayer life sometimes.

The New Testament  has a summary of the problem: “You have not, because you ask not.”  (James 4:2).

Maybe we don’t get prayers answered because we don’t really believe God will answer our prayers.

We ask half-heartedly.

We forget to Enter.


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  1. debbie permalink

    Wow, I can identify with both non-enters. You are so insightful.
    Hope you’re feeling better. Sorry we had to be out of town(ClintonUMC) again today. Missed CUMC.


    • Missed you, too!

      Am feeling better, thank you — as I told people, this week’s much better than last week.

      And really appreciate your commentary and compliment here.


  2. Michael permalink

    Amen, bro, amen!
    Just survived another annual meeting…God is good!


  3. Katie Holt permalink

    …kinda like telling people we’ll pray for them, but then forgetting to actually do it.
    We have a family in our congregation whose 14 year old son is is receiving chemo for a cancerous brain tumor. His mom thanked everyone today for their continued support and prayers and said ‘I’m like Santa, I know when you say you’ll pray and actually do it, because we feel it!’


    • Wow, 14. I’m still stuck there: he’s 14, wow.


      • Katie Holt permalink

        Yeah…14. Started 15 months of weekly chemo in January…8 weeks on, 2 off, repeat. They go to St Louis every Tuesday for treatment…we do what we can by coordinating meals on those days and finding people who will drive to help with the gas burden. People have given me back faith in the goodness of humanity. And the family? Just your average blue collar family, working to make it through. And more faith than I have ever seen. Truly a testament.


      • Y’all are doing super good stuff there, Katie. Blessings on you guys, for real!


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